DBM Compliance with Sec. 93

R.A. No. 10155 (General Appropriations Act CY 2012)

The agency’s mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information

  1. Mandate, Functions and Officials
    1. Vision, Mission and Objectives
    2. Powers and Functions
    3. Position, designation and contact information
  2. Annual Reports
    1. NIA Annual Reports
    2. Financial Accountability Report
  3. Approved Budget and Corresponding Targets
    1. Irrigation Program (GAA R.A. 10717)
  4. Major Programs and Projects
    1. Financial Plan (BED No.1)
    2. Physical Plan (BED No.2)
    3. Monthly Disbursement Program (BED No.3)
  5. Programs/Projects Beneficiaries
    1. IDP and IMT Accomplishment
  6. Status of Implementation of Irrigation Program
    1. Physical Status of Irrigation Projects
    2. Financial Status of Irrigation Projects (Status of Funds)
  7. Annual Procurement Plan, Contracts awarded and name of contractors/suppliers/consultants
    1. Annual Procurement Plan
    2. Contracts awarded, name of contractors/suppliers/consultants
      1. Procurement Monitoring Report
    3. Government Procurement Policy Board
  8. Corruption Prevention Initiatives
    1. NIA Rules
    2. NIA Region V Citizens' Charter
    3. Compendium of Anti Graft Laws
    4. Budget Partnership Agreement
  9. Freedom of Information (FOI)
    1. Agency Manual on Freedom of Information
    2. FOI Registry and Summary Reports