Institutional Development

The organization and development of farmer-beneficiaries were continuously undertaken nationwide to facilitate implementation of irrigation development and management. Trainings were conducted to increase the capabilities of farmer-beneficiaries in the operation and maintenance in the facilities that are turned over to them as well as in running the affairs of their associations. Irrigators Association Trainings and Conferences were also conducted

This is being undertaken for communal and national irrigation systems to promote active participation in the development and management of irrigation systems.

In 1997, the National Confederation of Irrigators Association (NCIA) was organized as the aggrupation of all organized IAs in the entire country. NCIA at present boasts of over 821,232 members comprising irrigation-farmers organized in eighty-two (82) Provincial Federation of IAs (PFIAs). Its vision is to establish itself as the leading self-reliant national farmers’ organization that is committed to uplift the quality of life of Filipino farmers and their families.