LAVINIA visits the “Land of the Oragons”

CABILOGAN SAN-JUAN Rubber Dam, Ligao City, Albay. The Administrator together with Manager Vicmudo and all the IMO Managers in region 5. (L-R.) Engr. Wilfredo C. Papaya – OIC, Div. Mgr for EOD; Engr. Alan N. Fabricante, Acting IMO Mgr for Sorsogon-Masbate IMO; Engr. Alvin L. Macasinag  for Cam. Norte; Engr. Cristeta E. Mesias for Albay-Catanduanes IMO.

By: Analene J. Escolano

Wearing off socks with his cozy sneaker-shoes on, the simple and hardworking NIA administrator, Peter Tiu Laviña arrived in the regional office in Naga City, morning of January 16, 2017.

Full of excitement, NIA officials and employees warmly welcomed him by blowing bubbles while flashing and dashing their beautiful smiles as he alighted from the vehicle. At a glance, you will see a low-profile, no-mask, no-pretentions, and a what-you-see is what-you-get type of person.  In his social media account, you can perceive him as a God-fearing man, with a humble heart and a genuine desire to serve.

Just more than a month since his appointment as administrator, Laviña had already came a long way bringing high hopes and great encouragements to NIA officials and employees. He has a vision to make NIA great again.

As an active Facebook user, Laviña never misses to post inspirational quotes and photos of his official visits to NIA offices including irrigation systems all over the country. He is using the social media as a powerful tool in creating awareness and providing information about what he is doing as administrator, and how the Agency functions in developing various irrigation programs in the country. And yes, like so many other, he also takes “selfies”. =)

During his meeting with the regional office employees headed by Regional Manager Vicente R. Vicmudo, he enumerated his 4-main priorities for the Agency in line with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s goal of achieving food sufficiency in the country. He also stressed his advocacy on good governance. Under his stewardship, he urges everyone to render public service untainted by corruption. He desires to have an organization that develops a common goal, provides objective solutions to issues concerning implementation of irrigation programs, and exercise professional, and commendable service to the farmers.

Moreover, Laviña also stated that he will support the employees association in fighting for all the financial benefits they deserve.

Indeed, it was a timely visit for the Administrator, less than a month after the destructive Typhoon Nina hit Bicol in December 25, 2016.

In his two-day field visit, Administrator Laviña together with Manager Vicmudo and all IMO Heads inspected irrigation dams in THIRIS, located in the 3rd District of Camarines Sur and the newly repaired rubber dam of Cabilogan-San Juan in Ligao City, Albay on January 16-17, 2017. They also visited other irrigation systems with damages caused by the destructive typhoon.

I believe that under Administrator Laviña’s leadership, the agency will be back on its feet. More irrigation projects will be implemented, higher performance ratings will be posted, and a more dynamic organization will be nourished. NIA will rise again and will continue to carry out its mandate to provide irrigation service to the Filipino farmers, efficiently and effectively.