Mission, Vision, Objectives & Quality Policy



By 2022, NIA is a professional and efficient irrigation agency contributing to the inclusive growth of the country

and in the improvement of the farmers' quality of life.



To plan, construct, operate, and maintain irrigation systems consistent with integrated water resource management principles

to improve agricultural productivity and increase farmers' income.



  • To develop and maintain irrigation systems in support of the agricultural program of the government;
  • To provide adequate level of irrigation service on a sustainable basis in partnership with the farmers and local government units;
  • To provide technical assistance to institutions in the development of water resources for irrigation;
  • To improve and sustain the operation of NIA as a viable corporation and service-oriented agency.



Commitment - Integrity - Professionalism



  • We commit to provide an efficient, effective, and sustainable irrigation services aimed towards the highest satisfaction of the Filipino farmers;
  • We strive for the attainment of our strategic themes of Technical and Operational Excellence, and Good Governance through Partnership with the farmers and other relevant interested parties;
  • We abide with applicable legal and international requirements;
  • We remain dedicated to the core values of Commitment, Integrity and Professionalism, to continually improve the NIA's Quality Management System.